Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick
A picture of Stanley Kubrick.


July 26, 1928 (Manhattan, New York, United States)


March 7th, 1999 (Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom)




Film director, film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor

Stanley Kubrick was an American film director, producer, writer, and photographer. Many of his films were initially met with mixed reviews, but he is today considered to be one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, with his films being acclaimed as masterpieces decades after their release.

Style of filmmaking Edit

Kubrick had many unique filmmaking methods. He was most noted for his slow-paced and meticulous style of filmmaking, which has also inspired other directors. Another one of Kubrick's well known talents was his amazing versatility, which allowed him to make successful films in almost every genre, such as anti-war, historical drama, romance, black comedy, science-fiction, political, period piece, and horror.

Life Edit

Stanley Kubrick was born July 26th, 1928 in Manhattan, New York and was the first of two children. Although born to Jewish parents, he stated that he had no religious upbringing and also never had a bar mitzvah. He also didn't attend synagogue. However, after his death, his daughter and wife still said that Kubrick never denied his Jewishness.

At age 12, his father taught him how to play the strategy game chess. Kubrick has recalled himself the game's significance to his filmmaking career: he said it was a game where you "had to sit and think about whether something's a good idea and if there are better ideas." Overall, he was a poor school student with a 67 grade average, despite the fact tests rated his intelligence to be above-average. He also skipped school sometimes to take in double-feature films. His poor grades couldn't let him receive any higher education after he graduated in 1945.

He died March 7th, 1999 at age 70, and was buried next to his favourite tree in the garden of his home in England.

Swords and Sandals Edit

Kubrick's first insight in the film and image business was his job as photographer, for Look magazine in 1946. This, combined with his exceptional skills at chess, would give him his unique directorial style later on. From 1951 to 1960, Kubrick made several films and documentaries, one of which was Paths of Glory. Then, in 1960 Kubrick made Spartacus, which was his first big-budget epic. After Spartacus, he went on to direct more films, and his career eventually ended up spanning over four decades.

Filmography Edit

Films Years
Fear and Desire 1953
Killer's Kiss 1955
The Killing 1956
Paths of Glory 1957
Spartacus 1960
Lolita 1962
Dr. Strangelove 1964
2001: A Space Odyssey 1968
A Clockwork Orange 1971
Barry Lyndon 1975
The Shining 1980
Full Metal Jacket 1987
Eyes Wide Shut 1999